Fugue 1 has a gentle 6/8 lilt, Fugue 2 (in common meter) has only two voices (rendered on a partial Cornet in the treble, the 8' Regal + 4' Flute in the Tenor, Fugue 3 is in four voices with a 1-measure subject, Fugue 4 and 5 subjects use more stepwise motion, but Fugue 6 has a very recognizable repeated note pattern. Fugue 7 is in three voices, and Fugue 8 is a double fugue with two separate subjects which are combined in the last section. The subject for Fugue 9 combines three distinct rhytmic patterns. Fugue 10 is brisk with another 1-measure subject. Fugue 11 has a 2-measure subject. Fugue 12 is just two voices, on separate keyboards. Fugue 13 has a distinctive scale pattern which is echoed on another manual courtesy of the Phantom Organist.